Hello everybody!

I am a tall ginger model, originally from Czech Republic, now based in Sydney with a big passion for traveling and very long legs :)) Modelling is my full time job, and I am doing it with love and all my heart.

I am experienced as a photo model and have done work for many known websites, magazines as VOLO, Implied, People’s magazine etc., calendars, commercial (South Korea cosmetic industry) advertising, working on workshops and much more... I have worked as a model for over 4 years now, and do mostly artistic nude. Working with professionals as well as with a beginners, so no worries! :) Started when I was 16 years with fashion agencies in a Europe, now continue on my own way. I have no tattoo and no piercings, well...all my body is made by a nature :))

Genres and styles:

I'm happy to shoot a variety of styles including fashion and glamour, portrait and beauty, implied and art nude, underwater....a lot of stuff, and I don't mind shoot outside (location) as well as inside (studios etc.) I can handle a cold weather very well :)

About a rates depends on a genre, so just send me your idea and I will let you know asap :)


Because of my position in Sydney and amazing locations all around here (waterfalls, National Parks, beaches..)  I am planning a couple of workshops and photoshoots focused on fantasy, cosplay and fairytale themes! It is perfect for a beginners to make some great shots and practise a skills with a light, camera and a scenery, as well for professionals, which would love to try some new stuff or just experience with a Photoshop in a post-process or some magical landscapes (or Unicorns. Unicorns are cool. :)

I brought many stuff as a props from my home country as a bows, costumes and dresses (fairy or a “Brave”, Marvel as a “Harley Quinn” etc. :), wigs (Game of Thrones and others) and would love to collaborate and connect it with another model to create a lovely, storytelling photos.

I have found some beautiful spaces and studios for covering a winter time, and planning to use them for a photoshoots as well! :)

Watch my website and casting calls for update! :) <3

Travel model

Since a year 2015 I was worked in Dominican Republic, South Korea, London, Paris, Ibiza, USA, Singapore and Hong Kong, Belgium, Amsterdam, Lanzarote and Poland, Austria, Germany…2016 around all Indonesia, Europe and Australia, where I decided to stay longer…previous years were amazing, so let´s make this year even better! :)

I believe in positive access, and really appreciate of all photographers with a good attitude :)  How I said, I like to travel and collaborate with new people- and if I can connect it with my work, this is simply the best match ever..:) During my free time I like writing and taking pictures and video as well. Love sunny weather, cats, my friends and summer.

Movies and videos

In August 2015 I got a role in the movie Picture Of Beauty by Maxim Ford, which should be presented soon, so if anyone see in me some interesting potential :) for any role, send me a message, because I really love and enjoy all around movie making! :)

Trailer from a movie:


In 2016 me and my friends made a fantasy video-movie which I directed, starred with amazing Mia Sol, about a dreaming and loosing dreams in one abandoned castle in Czech Republic - coming soon! :)

I am often told that I am fun and easy to work with, but you can decide for yourself. If you would like to shoot with me - just send me a message, I promise I will reply as soon as I can. :)

Check out the latest video from Melbourne, 2016!

Thank you and have a wonderful day.  Yours truly...


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